Becky Slater

Assistant Interior Designer

Becky has Becky Slater Explained. Blakely Interior Design. been exceedingly confident about her life’s work from the time she was 8 years old. Growing up, there was never any doubt that the world of design would be her stage, as soon as she was ready for it. Naturally, easily and with little guidance, she’s always had a knack for combining colors and patterns to create spaces no one wants to leave; the kind of place that makes you want to linger, that makes you feel like you belong. A problem solver at heart, she’s always found peace and enjoyment in working out a math problem or a 1000-piece puzzle, slowly, methodically, bit by bit. Where other students would be frustrated, Becky is patient, confident enough in her methods and in the intrinsic value of the result to press towards the goal.

Becky has combined these artistic sensibilities with her dedication to excellence in studying Interior design at both Suffolk University at most recently at RISD. Prior to joining Blakely Interiors (formerly Fresh Nest Color and Design) in October of 2015 she worked as an intern at a Kitchen and Bath studio in CT.

Witty and always ready for a good laugh, Becky loves engaging with people, hearing their stories and sharing hers. She’s captivated by the endless variety that can be found in the design world, past and present and is eager to encapsulate her love of history and beauty into her work. Becky is a sympathetic and eager listener, and loves nothing more than entering into other people’s realities so she can better understand them as a whole person.

In addition, Becky loves drawing and painting, running, ultimate Frisbee and indoor rock climbing. Above all, she is grateful to her supportive parents and sisters, who have always encouraged her in her pursuit of design and challenged her to defy the status quo.