Design Philosophy & Process

Design Philosophy

    At Blakely Interior Design, we believe that good design is rooted in strong communication. As a relationship-based company, we believe that the first step is listening and understanding your needs and establishing a communication plan that keep all parties in the know throughout the project. Aside from beautiful design, we believe clear communication is the key to a successful project and have set up a design process that ensures it. We also believe in design without surprises – transparency, impeccable integrity, and accountability no matter the size of the project.

Design Process

    Our design process is broken into several phases:

Every full service design project begins with a consultation either in your home or at our office (if new construction). In this meeting, we will assess your interior design needs and develop a plan to meet those needs.

During your initial consultation, we will discuss the style and character of your home, your design tastes, and your likes and dislikes. We will discuss what is working for you and what is not. We’ll review logistical problems, such as tight traffic patterns and furniture placement as well as how the space may not be functioning in its fullest capacity. We’ll give you a lot of ideas, but we’ll also do a lot of listening. At this meeting, we’ll discuss the scope of your project in great detail, including all areas involved in the project as well as your budget to ensure it’s realistic for what you want to accomplish. We encourage you to bring inspiration photos to hone in on your needs, visions, tastes, and expectations.

With the information gathered, we create a customized design proposal for your project.

Once the design project is underway, we begin with the schematic phase. In this phase, we establish the ideal space plan, which is crucial to a well-designed and functional space. What pieces do we need in the space to ensure the room functions as desired? What scale should they be and how do they fit in relation to each other? In tandem with space planning, we begin with creating conceptual designs for your projects; which includes general color schemes, pictures and ideas to illustrate the concept.
The design development phase is where we really get down to business and bring the approved concept to life. This is the phase where we specify the details – specific furniture, finishes, fabrics, lighting fixtures, etc. We go beyond the conceptual phase by ensuring all selections are best suited for your space. We look at the light-fastness of fabrics to ensure they don’t fade in your sunroom. We design the built-ins in your family room with the utmost detail. Your needs and budget are all considered in every product and design element we present to you. Before the design development phase is complete, we’ll have nailed down every last detail of the project.
Upon approval and payment for all approved items our team efficiently works with vendors and merchants to procure all items. Our project management software allows us to seamlessly monitor progress and track shipments and delivery of all items to our warehouse. Our refined project management processes ensures time and cost targets.
This is where the vision becomes reality. Leading up to the installation, we scour unique boutiques and shops to find the perfect accessories and styling items for the big reveal. Once all ordered products have arrived in our warehouse and have been unpacked and checked for damage, we manage the installation process by organizing and scheduling delivery. The installation day and big reveal is what our team (and you) have patiently been waiting for! An unforgettable moment where you see your dreams realized at the end of a fabulous journey!